SynchroCyber built SynchroSIP, a COTS application, to provide USAccess client (agency) side interface to the USAccess SIP. SynchroSIP allows USAccess client agencies to manage their PIV data, business, and functional requirements, which are available through this interface. The agency must sign up for this service through USAccess MSO for SynchroSIP to function.

SynchroSIP operational functions:

  • Run as a service providing regular updates to the agency’s data.
  • Run “On Demand.” This provides enables the agency to specify a time frame for the requested information.
  • Run as an End User Interface (EUI) to visualize the agency’s data made available within the client database.
  • Translates and maps USAccess values to DHS CDM values for Master User Record (MUR) reporting.
  • Ability to create custom agency reporting based on USAccess SIP attributes.


SynchroSIP was developed to be used as the USAccess client (agency) side system interface protocol (SIP) to connect with the USAccess system for the agency to create, update, and query sponsorship and adjudication data for PIV card applicants.

The SynchroSIP web service operates as the way for agencies to connect with the USAccess system and supports the following sponsorship and adjudication functions:

  • Create a new employee or contractor data record
  • Update an employee or contractor data record
  • Query an existing employee or contractor information
  • Query for a list of modified applicants within a specified time range
  • Query for a list of role holders within the agency
  • Query for checking if an applicant already exists within USAccess
  • Request OPM fingerprint submission
  • Query or take card action for applicant
  • Take post issuance action on applicant credentials
  • Delete erroneous records from USAccess
  • Mark terminated credential destroyed

With SynchroSIP, these capabilities are usually accomplished by enabling different modules within the software. The current version of the USAccess Interface is 4.6 (February 2022) and is fully compliant with this version.

Web Service Security:

SynchroSIP was developed using Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) within the Microsoft .NET framework 4.0. It provides a custom Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) binding.

The components of this binding satisfy all aspects of the WS-Security requirements within the WS-Trust specification by requiring SOAP signatures to assure message integrity, SOAP encryption to ensure confidentiality, and SOAP tokens to ascertain the sender’s identification.



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