About SynchroCyber

SynchroCyber designs and delivers digital identity, credentialing, and access management (ICAM) solutions across the physical and logical domains.

Identity management is a relatively new discipline. However, since the Federal government elevated identity management to a national security priority, many consulting firms have sought entry into the field. Some of these companies have gained a foothold by leveraging experience in only one or two aspects of identity management. SynchroCyber is one of the few ICAM practitioners with demonstrable hands-on experience and proven success in all seven ICAM service areas:

  • digital identity
  • credentialing
  • privilege management
  • authentication
  • authorization and access
  • cryptography
  • auditing and reporting

Whether you need a strategic approach to enterprise ICAM or a targeted solution for a service-area-specific challenge, SynchroCyber has the answer. Our consulting services scale to meet your needs across all identity management functions and technologies.

Board Membership

Name: Mr. James E. Burke, CISSP, ITIL, MCSE

Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Burke is an expert in identity, credential, and access management with extensive experience developing technology strategy and architecture for access control systems.

Mr. Burke is an active/contributing member of the ICAM Architecture Working Group (AWG), the ICAM Logical Access Working Group (LAWG) and the Strong Logical Access Tiger Team (SLATT). Before that he was a contributing member to the Federal Identity Credentialing Committee (FICC) run by the Office of Government-wide policy.

Supported agencies have included the Department of Defense (Army Material Command, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corp.) Civilian government agencies include Small Business Administration, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, General Services Administration (HSPD-12 Program and e-Authentication program) and the U.S. Department of Justice and its’ component agencies to include the Justice Management Division (JMD), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Bureau of Prison (BOP), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), U.S. Marshall Service (USMS), Executive Office of the U.S. Attorney (EOUSA), Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD), National Security Division (NSD), Criminal Division (CRM), U.S. Trustee Program (USTP).

At the U.S. Department of Justice, Mr. Burke provides technical leadership for Identity Management Services as senior consultant on Federal policies for e-authentication, PKI, and personal identity verification (PIV).


As the founder of SynchroCyber, one of my core principles is "paying it forward”. I have always enjoyed giving back to my community, including being a law enforcement officer and a volunteer fire fighter/medic. I have set a goal to donate 8 hours of my time every month. I am willing to assist your organization with any number of Information Technology needs.

I can help you with any of the following:

  • Setting up wireless networks
  • Creating remote secure connections for your employees/workers (VPNs/Remote Access).
  • Windows Server and Desktop management
  • Computer repair/troubleshooting
  • Any number of IT Security requirements

I prefer the organizations to be religious or non-profit. Please fill out this form with contact information and a summary about the project. I will likely responds to ask any clarifying questions and then I will be in touch if your organization is select for me to donate my time.

Hire Us

I started SynchroCyber to afford me the freedom to assist as many difference Agencies and Organizations as possible. Am I an expert? I find this and other terms to be over used. Expert? Tiger Team Member? Black Belt team? When it comes to Identity, credential and access management I have extensive experience developing technology strategy, solutions and architecture for access control systems.

I receive the question, “how does someone hire me?” pretty frequently. Most agencies already have prime contractors with vehicles in place to obtain professional support resources. I am happy to work with your existing prime contractor to find a job category/bill rate that falls within your budget.

I do not have a minimum contract requirement. For example, if your agency can only afford 480 hours (1/4 FTE), I would be happy to help you accomplish as much of your goals as possible within the time you are able to afford.

I feel it is my patriotic duty to use my skills to assist my country/government to secure networks and applications. Your Agency not being able to afford me will never stop me for helping where I can.