January 21

ICAM Architecture


The Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) specifies five layers that offer different views of an architecture: Performance, Business, Data, Service, and Technology. These layers are interrelated and mapped to one another to illustrate the ways in which the different aspects of the architecture impact the others.

The FEA consists of a set of interrelated “reference models” (one for each architectural layer) that form the framework for describing important elements of the FEA in a common and consistent way across lower level segment and solution architectures.

The following figure lists the five layers of the architecture and describes the view that each provides of the segment.

ICAM Architecture

The FEA reference models were leveraged wherever possible in developing the ICAM segment in order to facilitate cross- agency identification of duplicative investments, gaps, and opportunities for collaboration within and across agencies. Where necessary, the framework has been extended and specialized to meet the specific needs of the ICAM segment.

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